Monday, 11 December 2017

life, week 49

Sara was here // advent with Shark, Pikachu and the golden gnome

5 good things 

- the view of the full moon on my way to work this morning
- it was no longer slippery when I biked home from work
- roasted chicken for dinner - thank you, dear husband
- going to bed long before ten pm
- reading a Christmas story for Sara before bedtime

rain cover filter

5 good things 

- a patient husband who cares for the children, makes dinner and tidies the house while I’m in exam mode (= being totally ego centred and completely exhausted)
- the broccoli bacon salad in the University canteen 
- rain - because that means I don’t have to worry about slippery roads while biking
- a helping hand from a colleague 
- chocolate - how could I do without these days?!

Advent activity calendar day 7: painting with empty toilet paper rolls. Some of them turned out to be frame worthy. (This photo reminds me that the red table cloth makes my eyes hurt + my angst for getting paint places where paint should not be)

yellow jumper reflected // mamma, help me with this

Uni, Dec 9, Saturday 2 pm. 
Outside: rain, hail and snow. 
Inside: Christmas tree amongst the book shelves, twinkle lights, advent calendar by the library entrance, people wearing cosy slippers at the reading room plus the smell of clementines and sneaking exam angst.

To walk home in the snow after a long day at the university reading room.

10 pm magic

To go outside in your pyjamas to see the magic of the first snow.

Advent activity calendar day... ehhh... never mind! Potato stamping Christmas card envelopes. She got hooked on the dinosaur stamp, which in fact is a failed star. 

9 am magic // not pictured: super excited kids

unexpected colour match // again I’m trying to make sense of the fiction curriculum and wishing I had the opportunity to attend lectures

Thank you snow, you made today a pretty one.

 - - -

Week 49: December 4-10

Friday, 8 December 2017

things I like lately

Bergen apartment view memories // Kodak Portra 400nc, Minolta SRT 101

- an evening spent painting with Sara and Sverre (instead of studying)
- a heap of hand me down clothes for Sverre
- watching "Arthur Christmas" with Sara (again)
- Christmas cards are ordered
- the thought of the things I will do when I finish my studies
- lasagna from the freezer for dinner on a Thursday afternoon
- rediscovering Sannah Kvist's photos
- seeing how much fun Sverre has playing with Sara's dinosaurs
- hearing how well Sara reads
- chocolate!

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- way too much chocolate
- stress

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

When I finish my studies I want to

from the Bergen apartment archives - books and a suitable mantra

- make photo books from the past two years (I used to be really into it.)
- give darker mornings, yet again another try
- shoot film! This year I have finished one film. One! Maybe I'll do another round of a roll of film a month to make up for the sad 2017 number?
- make Sunday hikes a high priority family tradition
- spend a lot more time at the mountain cabin
- do my very best not to work during the weekends
- get back to proper dinner planning - maybe I should even dust off the old "what's for dinner project"?
- explore new recipes in my stacks of cook books
- have movie nights with Sølve - it's been ages since I last saw a movie
- binge watch tv series

Note to self: Don't get too excited about this already. You don't finish your studies for another semester...

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

life, week 48

here we go again // the month of sick kiddos // trying to sneak in a bit of studying in between

He normally has a very good appetite, but these days all I get him to eat is salty crisps. Poor little one.  

Trying to make sense of Ibsen’s “The Wild Duck”. Wishing I had the opportunity to attend lectures. // Noen som har tanker om hvorfor Dr. Relling kan betraktes som Ibsens talerør i stykket?

old school geography test coming up

5 good things
- winter pastels and sub zero temperatures 
- Sverre was happy to be back in kindergarten after a couple of sick days
- green plants in the University reading room 
- red finger nails 
- coffee and chocolate whilst studying (because rough night)

the light that makes me pause

because mental fuel 

+ Bach’s Christmas Oratorio

less is bore

foggy landscape in the am

I take my packed lunches very serious. Coffee, instant coffee and milk for the coffee (full fat milk, because it makes the instant coffee taste better), water, rice pudding, Christmas marzipan and chocolate, apple slices, cherry tomatoes, snap peas, carrot, grapes, sandwiches with Philadelphia cheese and salami. Hoping this will keep me both physically and mentally fuelled for today’s study session.

I remember this info display from when I first was a student here, back in the autumn of 1998.

foggy landscape in the pm

He went grocery shopping with his pappa and was obviously proud of the haul.

Sunday 7 am

Trying to smile and stay positive, but the truth is I'm dead tired of this constant work mode. 

textures // something to like 

 - - -

Week 48: November 27 - December 3

Sunday, 3 December 2017

life, week 47

5 good things
- the roads were no longer slippery when I biked home from work. It was a whole different story in the morning though...
- it was not yet completely dark when I biked home from work
- dinner with the family
- Sverre fell asleep on my lap
- tulips

5 good things
- unexpected time alone with Sara (I don’t like the reason for it though; she is feeling poorly)
- banana pancakes for breakfast (recipe from @linn_sprudlendesunn’s blog)
- a nap (it was a rough night)
- frost
- fire in the wood stove

Oh daylight!

frosty kale // a very poor harvest this year compared to last year

I soak in every beam I get during these dark months - even inside the house.

5 good things
- another slow day at home (but not liking that Sara is still sick, poor girl)
- realising that two slow days was just what I needed to regain energy and motivation to keep going until Christmas break
- a big up of strong coffee after a nap
- roasted vegetables for lunch
- chocolate for dessert

Still nervous to let him down the stairs by himself, but so happy to see them set off to play, just the two of them.

5 good things
- taking photos in daylight 
- feeling quite motivated to study for my exam 
- rice pudding 
- pesto pasta leftovers from tonight’s dinner that I will add to my roasted vegetables lunch for tomorrow 
- added sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds to my roasted vegetables lunch today - a yummy crunch!

Big sister Sara joined us for kindergarten pickup - a rare incident now that she is a school girl.

a sky that looks painted // a thing to like

Saturday study session, sofa edition

Sunday 8 am

 - - -

Week 47: November 20-26



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